Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perhaps Wind is to the Tree what Curiosity is to the Mind

STD Blue Week (July 30 - August 3)

For previous Short-Term-Delta Blue Weeks in the S&P 500 see also HERE

During July each rally has led to higher highs before being sold off by about 50 points. Each of the lows has been accompanied by positive divergences. Short term momentum ended last week extremely overbought. Various indications point to a small pullback before the stock market moves higher. Such a pullback might last for only one day. The FOMC is coming up on Wednesday, August 1st. Normally a new month brings in new money producing higher prices in the later part of the week, August 1-3. However, on Monday the market is likely to dip and then be alert for whether Thursday, August 2 will be a high or low. A pullback may only retest the 1350's to 1360 (HERE).

The latest COT-signals are bullish for SPX and silver, but bearish for NDX and natural gas, while copper goes to cash after two weeks bearish, and the 30-year Treasury bond goes bearish (HERE).

Friday, July 27, 2012

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #2 - Mars-Mercury Speed Differential

We use the geocentric longitudinal speed of Mars and Mercury ... Each time Mars reaches a point that is 59 minutes apart from the Mercury speed we are due for a down trend of about three days duration. It does not matter whether we have been going upward in the trend before. We might have been going downward and upon reaching this differential, we are heading for further down.
 [George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 13]

Thursday, July 26, 2012

SPX vs Mars - North Node Cycle

13.12.2011 01:05 (Tue)   MAR 270° NN
14.01.2012 01:44 (Sat)   MAR 279° NN
13.02.2012 23:25 (Mon)   MAR 279° NN
19.03.2012 15:57 (Mon)   MAR 270° NN
30.04.2012 19:11 (Mon)   MAR 270° NN
30.05.2012 02:54 (Wed)   MAR 279° NN
19.06.2012 12:39 (Tue)   MAR 288° NN
06.07.2012 00:39 (Fri)   MAR 297° NN
20.07.2012 19:46 (Fri)   MAR 306° NN
03.08.2012 07:46 (Fri)   MAR 315° NN 
16.08.2012 06:12 (Thu)   MAR 324° NN
28.08.2012 12:04 (Tue)   MAR 333° NN
09.09.2012 07:19 (Sun)   MAR 342° NN
20.09.2012 20:55 (Thu)   MAR 351° NN
02.10.2012 10:59 (Tue)   MAR 000° NN
14.10.2012 14:12 (Sun)   MAR 009° NN
26.10.2012 15:57 (Fri)   MAR 018° NN
07.11.2012 17:08 (Wed)   MAR 027° NN
19.11.2012 14:30 (Mon)   MAR 036° NN
01.12.2012 09:01 (Sat)   MAR 045° NN
12.12.2012 22:09 (Wed)   MAR 054° NN
24.12.2012 03:05 (Mon)   MAR 063° NN
03.01.2013 09:56 (Thu)   MAR 072° NN
14.01.2013 00:05 (Mon)   MAR 081° NN
24.01.2013 14:18 (Thu)   MAR 090° NN
03.02.2013 04:56 (Sun)   MAR 099° NN
13.02.2013 01:24 (Wed)   MAR 108° NN
23.02.2013 12:24 (Sat)   MAR 117° NN
05.03.2013 17:44 (Tue)   MAR 126° NN
15.03.2013 22:57 (Fri)   MAR 135° NN

Calculated and charted with Sergey Tarassov's Timing Solution.

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #22 - Mercury is Retrograde and Conjunct the Sun

This case occurs frequently. The effect is a change in trend. The planet must be retrograde and not direct in order to give the effect. An example is March 15, 1940. Hundreds of others can be located by you through any years. This rule works practically all the time. These conjunctions occur four times a year.
[George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 30]

28.04.2010 12:36     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
03.09.2010 08:28     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
19.12.2010 20:16     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
09.04.2011 15:28     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
16.08.2011 20:59     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
04.12.2011 03:45     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
21.03.2012 15:12     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
28.07.2012 15:52     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
17.11.2012 10:40     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
04.03.2013 07:50     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
09.07.2013 14:35     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
01.11.2013 16:13     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
15.02.2014 15:13     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
19.06.2014 18:44     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
16.10.2014 16:34     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
30.01.2015 08:38     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
30.05.2015 12:49     Sun  0° Mercury (R)
30.09.2015 10:31     Sun  0° Mercury (R)

Calculated and charted with Sergey Tarassov's Timing Solution.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPX vs Lunar Mystery Cycle

This mysterious cycle is derived from numerology and beyond common reasoning:
(1) Divide the number of The Infinite (= 1) by The Soul number (= 7) = 0.1428571
(2) Float the decimals to the front by multiplying 0.1428571 by 100,000 = 14,285.71
(3) Assume this would be degrees of Lunar Motion, and divide them by 360 degrees = 39.68 Lunar Months of 29.53 Calendar Days (CD) = 39 Lunations + 20.15 Calendar Days = 1,171.79 CD or divided by the length of the mean solar year (365.24 CD) = 3.21 Years
Any pivot-date in e.g. the SPX plus approximately 1,172 CD will become another pivot usually even of the same polarity, e.g. May 8, 2009 High + 1,172 CD = Jul 23, 2012 High (see SPX chart below). Stunningly the results are exact within hours (see 2. chart). However, this cycle cannot forecast the magnitude and importance of the projected highs and lows. 

An ancient approximation to π (pi) is 22 / 7 = 3.142857. This has been associated with Jewish mysticism. Certain Kabbalists know the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet represent a complete circumference that, when divided by 7 = the sacred number of cycles, produces the Kabbalistic π, also known as the perfect π

However, 1 / 7 = 0.142857142857142857142857142857... and if 142857 is multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, the answer will be a cyclic permutation of itself, and will correspond to the repeating digits of 2/7, 3/7, 4/7, 5/7, or 6/7, respectively:
1 × 142,857 = 142,857
2 × 142,857 = 285,714
3 × 142,857 = 428,571
4 × 142,857 = 571,428
5 × 142,857 = 714,285
6 × 142,857 = 857,142
7 × 142,857 = 999,999 = closest to The Inifinite
Multiplying 142857 by 2 one gets 285714, which is the same digits, rotated 4 positions, by 3 one gets 428571 (shifted 5 places), times 7 is 999999, the closest number to The Inifinite. There is a lot more number-plays with 142857 involved, e.g.
1 / 7 = 0 . 142857 142857 142857 14...
2 / 7 = 0 . 285714 285714 285714 28...
3 / 7 = 0 . 428571 428571 428571 42...
4 / 7 = 0 . 571428 571428 571428 57...
5 / 7 = 0 . 714285 714285 714285 71...
6 / 7 = 0 . 857142 857142 857142 85...
7 / 7 = 0 . 999999 999999 999999 99...
8 / 7 = 1 . 142857 142857 142857 14...
9 / 7 = 1 . 285714 285714 285714 28...

Ennead is greek and derived from ennea = the number 9 = 3 x 3, the first square of an odd number. A rare usage identifies the derived adjective, enneœteric, "a cycle of nine years", and Enneatical year, "every ninth year of life". 

In viewing an Enneagram (this is the TPR - logo), one immediately notes the design consisting of a triangle 3-6-9 and a rather unique emblem formed by the numbers 142857. The numbers were listed in a counter-clockwise direction, given the fact most ancient cultures read circles that way. With this path of reading 142857 from the Enneagram, George Gurdjieff used to explain and visualize the dynamics of the interaction between the two great laws of the Universe, the Law of Three and the Law of Seven. The path of 142857 is also portrayed in Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances, known as the Movements. 

And here is another nice one, recently presented by Christian Hagglof & JMH @ TPR I
Going on a Square of Nine from 64 to 100 is a 360°- round trip.
Square-root of 64 = 8
8 + 2 = 10
10 re-squared = 100
100 - 64 = 36
36 / 252 Trading Days (TD) in 1 Solar Year = 0.1428571
252 TD / 36 = 7
36 / 252 = 1 / 7 = 0.1428571
More clues on the sacred number 142857 can be found especially HERE & HERE as well as in Olney H. Richmond's "The Mystic Test Book" (p. 22, 30, 32, 34). 

Well, and last not least 3.21 years is also a reproductive cycle in Yellowstone's grizzly bear population.


SPX vs Earth-Venus Cycle

Calculated and charted with Sergey Tarassov's Timing Solution.

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #35 - The Speed of Venus


This rule might be included in rule No 34. However, I purposely separated it, since the rule does not work in combination, meaning a low at 1°34’57” does not imply that the extreme explained here MUST produce a high or e a high at 1°34’57” MUST bring a low.

The Wheat market is in for a change of trend when Venus reaches in its heliocentric Longitude’s daily motion the extreme and least speed.

It is remarkable and absolutely unknown to most people that a motion of a planet which is actually always forward and never retrograde could contain within such forward motion a rhythmic acceleration and retardation. It may be termed a “hidden motion”

The places to be watched are 1°34’50” with a decimal attached and 1°37’32” with a decimal attached.


(1°37) Jan 12, 1939    small top (we move in narrow range just then)
(1°34) April 18, 1939    the last low before the upswing.
(1°37) Aug 24, 1939    the sharp peak day
(1°34) Nov 28, 1939    begin of major advance to Dec 18, 1939.
(1°34) July 11, 1940    to be reached here; expect this to become a drop down day.  

[George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 49]

SPX vs Declination of Mercury & Venus

Monday, July 16, 2012

SPX vs Heliocentric Latitude Composite

Potential market-CIT dates derived from this proprietary system are [+/- 1 TD]:
2012-06-03 (Sun) = Swing-Point
2012-06-11 (Mon) = 1/4 Point
2012-06-19 (Tue) = 1/2 Point
2012-06-27 (Wed) = 3/4 Point
2012-07-05 (Thu) = Swing-Point
2012-07-19 (Thu) = 1/4 Point
2012-08-01 (Wed) = 1/2 Point
2012-08-15 (Wed) = 3/4 Point
2012-08-28 (Tue) = Swing-Point
2012-09-06 (Thu) = 1/4 Point
2012-09-15 (Sat) = 1/2 Point
2012-09-24 (Mon) = 3/4 Point
2012-10-03 (Wed) = Swing-Point

Sunday, July 15, 2012

STD Green Week (July 16-20)

This week is a STD Green Week, since Monday, July 16th, and Friday, July 20th, are STD Green Days (HERE).  Green Weeks are usually directional. However, this one might see the high of the week as early as by the end of Tuesday.

The pattern on Monday, July 16, is expected to mimic last Thursday. Tuesday is a potential STD-inversion-day. On the intermediate-term Delta-scale (ITD), we expect a rally into July 18 +/-  =  ITD #8 HIGH  = MTD #2). As outlined HERE + HERE already, ITD #8 is likely to stay below the July 3-5 ITD #6 HIGH

The 4 Year Lunar Cycle suggests that this high will be followed by the immediate decline into late July-early August (= 180 TD LOW = 40 Week Cycle LOW  = 9 Month Cycle LOW) as the start of a multi-month decline. The 40 Year Cycle points to a high above the April-May highs. 

We already pointed to Mars opposing Uranus on July 18 HERE + HERE, and  since this is also a New Moon day, that day serves best as the week's major CIT.

FOMC Announcements & the S&P 500

The NY Fed just issued a report (HERE) telling that markets tend to run up before FOMC announcements. And if one were to back out the hype cycle around these, markets might be as much as 50% lower, and:
... more than 80 percent of the annual equity premium has been earned over the twenty-four hours preceding scheduled FOMC announcements, which occur only eight times per year.
Fine. And while we are just learning about the Lie-More-Libor-Scandal, these so called FOMC announcements remain one of these inexhaustible bonanzas so dear to the global banking-cartel.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Suns of God

The Christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: both are derived from the worship of the sun. The difference between their origin is, that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the sun, as I have shown in the chapter on the origin of the Christian religion.

In Masonry many of the ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parody. With them the sun is still the sun; and his image in the form of the sun is the great emblematical ornament of Masonic lodges and Masonic dresses. It is the central figure on their aprons, and they wear it also pendant on the breast of their lodges, and in their processions. It has the figure of a man, as at the head of the sun, as Christ is always represented.

At what period of antiquity, or in what nation, this religion was first established, is lost in the labyrinth of unrecorded time. It is generally ascribed to the ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians and Chaldeans, and reduced afterwards to a system regulated by the apparent progress of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac by Zoroaster the lawgiver of Persia, from whence Pythagoras brought it into Greece ... 

 The worship of the sun as the great visible agent of a great invisible first cause, "Time without limits," spread itself over a considerable part of Asia and Africa, from thence to Greece and Rome, through all ancient Gaul, and into Britain and Ireland. The Masons, in order to protect themselves from the persecution of the Christian Church, have always spoken in a mystical manner of the figure of the sun in their lodges, or, like the astronomer Lalande, who is a Mason, been silent upon the subject. It is their secret, especially in Catholic countries, because the figure of the sun is the expressive criterion that denotes they are descended from the Druids, and that wise, elegant, philosophical religion was the faith opposite to the faith of the gloomy Christian Church. 

... The religion of the Druids, as before said, was the same as the religion of the ancient Egyptians. The priests of Egypt were the professors and teachers of science, and were styled priests of Heliopolis, that is, of the City of the Sun.

Isis and Horus - Mary and Jesus - Yashoda and Krishna

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Proposed Reason for Inversion of Correlation between Astro-Indicators and Financial Markets

Celestial mechanics are the reason for the flip of correlation between astro-indicators (Bradley Index and the like, but also ‘space weather’-data like sunspots, solar flux, geomagnetic indices) and financial markets. The inversion of polarity oftentimes occurs in a time-window of +/- 2 weeks around the equinoxes and solstices.

When the Sun periodically experiences significant increase in sunspots and solar flare activity, flares release energy in many forms, including electromagnetic energy and energetic particles such as protons and electrons. When this energy reaches the Earth, it interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field. This generates an electric current that flows through the Earth’s surface and affects electric power, satellite communication, oil pipelines and of course human brains, mood and actions.

Three mechanisms were proposed to explain the seasonal variation of geomagnetic activity:
  1. The axial hypothesis established the fact that the geomagnetic variation was associated with changes of the Earth heliographic latitude. This indicates that the Earth would be favourable connected to the solar wind from the active solar regions resulting in an increase in geomagnetic disturbance.
  2. The second is the equinoctial hypothesis. It focuses on the angle when the dipole is perpendicular to the solar wind flow, increase in geomagnetic activity will occur around the equinoxes, and minima around the solstices.
  3. A third approach assumes that the Interplanetary Magnetic Field lies in its typical parker spiral configuration on solar equatorial plane, the southward component of the interplanetary magnetic field in the geocentric solar magnetospheric (GSM) coordinate system is increased when the angle between the z axis of GSM coordinate and the solar equatorial plane is minimum near the equinoxes. The southward component of interplanetary magnetic field is maximum in early April and October.


[ find more correlation charts with inversion examples HEREHERE + HERE + HERE ]

Al Larson - Astrophysics & Chaos [March 20, 2001]

Backtesting the Mars-Uranus Crash Cycle

We'll concentrate purely on the opposition aspect [ = geocentric MAR 180° URA on July 18th - see also HERE ] ... On the weekly Chart 1 of the S&P 500 the Mars opposed Uranus aspects are marked with red bars. And it's immediately obvious that the aspect does NOT necessarily provoke a market crash. Of the 7 instances marked on the chart, only 2 turned up near important Highs, 4 of them occurred nearby important Lows. What gets some astrologers overly-excited, is that it was one of the aspects in effect at the start of the Great Crash.  

Chart 2 shows the Dow Jones Industrials from the late 1920s to early 1970s - and one can see why the arrival of Mars opposed to Uranus sets the alarm bells ringing. The aspect does have an overall tendency to occur very nearby the start of some very bad crash cycles. 

But, it's not a certainty, as we can see in Chart 3, which covers the Great Sideways Shuffle period in the DJIA from the early 60s to early 80s.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GMX Cycle Indicator CITs = July 11L - 16H - 19H - 23H

The GMX Cycle Indicator, a proprietary astro-indicator, pointed to a low on July 8 (Sun) and now to a CIT on July 11(Wed). Upcoming highs are scheduled for July 16 - 19 - 23 (Mon - Thu - Mon)

SPX vs George Bayer's Rule #27 - The Speed of Mercury

Enough has been said now about technical matters. They are very important to insure proper application of the astronomical rules.
The present law deals again with our favorite Mercury.
It is hard to realize for anyone of “modern education” that the Ancients knew all about the movements of Mercury, about its effect upon the human brains. It is too bad that scientists and students of ancient writings in their notes and particularly in their introductions stress the fact that these ancients were heathens, dumbbells, ignorance etc. Why, in the first place do they then scrutinize so anxiously these heathen works? Why don’t they throw out these works and forget about them instead of bringing bulky introductions expressing their own opinions about things they know nothing about?
Take it, the Ancients knew Mercury’s movement without spy-glasses. If they would assume that these Ancients knew much more that they themselves will ever know, these old writings would begin to talk to them. As it is now they are but Pyramids and Sphinxes to them. Although I have treated about this idea in a special chapter, each time I think of it, I just get burning mad about these people and have to blur out with a view that possibly they would wake up.
So let us take Raphael’s Ephemeris again, look at page 26-28 and follow the movements of Mercury from day to day in its longitude. Its speed ranges from 0 to 2.12. In another rule I told you already that 0 and 2.12 in Mercury’s speed bring changes of trend. Now we use Mercury’s speed when it is the same as the mean daily motion of the Sun in Longitude or double this amount. The daily motion of the Sun is 59’; double this amount is 1°58’. Each time Mercury passes these values we can expect changes of trend and, mind you, often times they give big tops and big major bottoms. I do not mean that we take the Sun and watch it when it moves 59’. The sun moves in its own cycle. We follow Mercury only.

[George Bayer (1940): Stock and Commodity Traders´ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Carmel, California; p. 35]

S&P 500 vs Lunar Node's Speed

There is a remarkable correlation between the Speed of the Lunar Node (a.k.a. North Node a.k.a. Rahu; speed = motion in degrees longitude per unit of time, e.g. per day) and short term changes in the trend (ST CITs) of financial markets when 
  1. the speed of the [true] lunar node is 0, and  
  2. the lunar node changes direction [ = Min and Max of the swings].
The result is a fast cycle of 2 - 7 CD (Calendar Days). Of course every now and when these ST CITs also meet with major CITs. This motion is known to astrologers and astronomers alike as the retrograde / stationary / direct motion of the lunar node. During lunar and solar eclipses the lunar node starts wobbling, that is it moves back and forth, retrograde, stationary, direct, etc. very quickly (see Moon Wobbles in a NASA animation HERE). And as the Sun approaches 180° towards the node - e.g. in late May 2012 - the lunar node's motion is almost blocked. Some call it the lunar standstill. This is a potential crash period in equity markets.

In astrology the Lunar Node represents the mass, the public at large, also foreign elements or strangers (HERE). So in a market it would mean overseas investors if the North Node were in the 7th house or in the 9th house, in the 3rd house = foreign news, in the 2nd = foreign money, in 10th foreign foreign government, in the 12th, the 6th, and the 8th = foreign losses.

The lunar nodes precess rather quickly around the ecliptic, completing a revolution (called a draconitic or nodical period, the period of nutation) in 18.6 years (note that this is not the same length as a saros). The lunar orbit is inclined by about 5 degrees on the ecliptic: hence the Moon can be up to about 5 degrees north or south of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is inclined by about 23.4° on the celestial equator, the plane that is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the Earth. As a consequence, once during the 18.6-year nodal period, when the ascending node of the Moon's orbit coincides with the vernal equinox, then the Moon reaches extreme northern and southern declinations (Lunar Node's Declination Cycle). Then it also has its extreme northern and southern azimuth points of rising and setting on the horizon; its extreme lowest and highest altitude when crossing the meridian; and potentially extreme late first sightings of the New Moon (more HERE). 

The cycle of the true Lunar Node is always exactly 18.613 Solar Years = 6798.364 CD. The 4th harmonic of 18.618 Solar Years is 1,699.591 CD = 4.6 Solar Years. Hence the North Node moves 30° and enters a new sign in the zodiac every 1.55 Solar Years (= 18.613 months):

18.613 Solar Years / 12 
= 18.613 months
= 1.55 years
= 80.9 weeks 
= 566.53 CD
= 566.53 CD / 8
= 10.12 weeks
= 55 TD (Trading Days)

It was astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) who coined the term Moon Wobble. After a painstaking examination of a large number of major disasters, involving fires, bad weather and loss of life, he found that many of the most serious and traumatic catastrophes occur in association with eclipses, especially when other dire planetary aspects coincided. He also found however that such evils are not exclusively linked to eclipses and may also occur when the Sun forms a T- square to the nodal axis. He called this a Moon Wobble, for it is when the Moon is wobbling in its path by declination. So, when the Sun is conjoined with either node or in this T-square to the nodal axis, this raises the likelihood of major environmental damage, loss of life or property, or other dire effects (more HERE).

Update: ITD - LTD - SLTD

On July 11 the SPX should form the ITD #7 LOW followed by a rally into July 19 = ITD # 8 [+/- 2 TD; see also HERE]. 

The 4 Lunar Year Cycle (LTD - chart 1 below) suggests ITD #8 is likely to stay below the July 3-5 HIGH (ITD #6). If this is correct, July 19 [+/-] will be a very important high [see also HERE], and the SPX might immediately start a multi-month decline.

However, as mentioned earlier, the 14,475 CD Cycle (charts 2 + 3) points to a higher high (= SLTD #16) in late August [HERE]. Nothing seems impossible: Tony Caldaro explained how the FED's Liquidity Programs pull the stock market up ("for every $20 bln the FED purchases in long term debt the stock market rises 1%"), and John Hampson just concluded:
"... the bigger picture suggests that an enduring move should be at hand away from treasury bonds and the US dollar towards commodities and stocks (particularly European), in other words a major rally in pro-risk and out of safe havens."

In late June an Inversion of Polarity in the 354 CD Cycle (Lunar Year Cycle) took place e.g. in the SPX and the Nikkei (charts 4 + 5). This suggests a reversal up today [+/-] into at least July 19 [+/-].

Interestingly there was also an inversion in the correlation between solar flux and the stock markets around Summer Solstice [HERE]. 
14,475 CD = 40.84 Lunar Years = 39,63 Solar Years / 4 = 4 * 9.9 Year Cycle = 4 Juglar Cycles 
[see also HERE + HERE + HERE + HERE]