Sunday, June 17, 2012

STD Green Week (June 18-22)

Last week was a perfect Short Term Delta Red Week in an up bias.

This week is a STD Green Week, because Monday, June 18th will be a STD Green Day (see HERE).  

STD Green Days 66% of the time look like N's (or inverted N's). Look for a top around 11:00 and a down move into 13:00. So one might sell/buy a confirmed intraday top/low around 11:00 - 11:30. Not sure if afternoon green 15:00 CITs are as or more a reliable buy/sell but watch out to be out before 15:00 for the closing up- or down-leg of the "N".

Green Weeks are usually almost the same as Red Weeks = directional. However, Green Weeks often have CITs on early Tuesdays and on Thursdays. If Tuesday is biased up, then the odds increase for Wednesday and Thursday to be up as well. Tuesday to Thursday usually will reverse Monday's net move. 

New Moons oftentimes mark CITs, and Tuesday, June 19th, could be either the High or the Low of next week. The same day will be marked by the Moon's declination reaching max north, and a Berg Astro-Indicator CIT.

And last not least, a Green Friday should look like the Green Monday.