Friday, June 15, 2012

Imago Dei - Capax Dei

God as Architect, Builder, Geometer, Craftsman
From the Frontispiece of Bible Moralisse, dated 13th century
[Codex Vindobonensis 2554, French, ca. 1250, in the
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek]

Science, and particularly geometry and astronomy / astrology,
was linked directly to the divine for most medieval scholars.
The compass in this 13th century manuscript is a symbol of God's
act of Creation. God has created the universe after geometric
and harmonic principles, to seek these principles was therefore
to seek and worship God.

 "... Great Creator of the World! 
I look with adoration on the work of your hands, shaped in accordance with five artistic forms, and in the middle the Sun! 
Spreader of light and life, who constrains the planets according to holy laws 
and guides them in different orbits. 
I see the labors of the moon, and there, above, the stars spread out over an
immeasurable field - father of the World, what moved you to lift up a poor, small, weak creature of the earth so high? 
So high that he stands in the radiance of a wide-ruling King, almost a God: 
for he is able, following you, to rethink your thoughts. 
Ruler of the world! Eternal power! 
Your infinite radiance spreads through the universe on bright wings of light!"

Johannes Kepler

[quoted in "The Astronomer Johannes Kepler", Rosemarie and Rolf Schauerhammer, 
published in New Solidarity Newspaper [precursor to New Federalist], March 23, 1984]