Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eris | The 10th Planet

Eris (formerly known as UB 313 or Xena, dubbed the 10th planet in the media) has first been first spotted in 2003. In 2005 astronomers have discovered that Eris is actually larger in size than Pluto. Eris has very similar astrological qualities than Jupiter. That means Eris is not a planet of discord, but a planet of good fortune and success. In fact, Eris is the next best thing in astrology after Jupiter. Eris is even better than Venus. One reason for this is that Eris moves much slower than Venus. Therefore the beneficial influence of Eris is much longer lasting than the beneficial influence of Venus. Venus is combination with Jupiter creates highs on hourly charts. Eris in combination with Jupiter creates highs on daily and weekly financial charts. See also:

Markus Rose: The 10th Planet "ERIS"
Eris Ephemeris from 1900 to 2030 (Eris' position is currently @
21Ar44'42" = 21.25°)
SE_Aspectarian - Astrological Aspectarian (freeware) to calculate aspects of Eris to other planets e.g.
Venus 000° 21.250       02/26/2012 14:43
Sun 000° 21.250           04/10/2012 17:43
Mercury 000° 21.250    05/03/2012 21:29
Mars 180° 21.250         08/09/2012 15:55
Mercury 180° 21.250    09/29/2012 17:08
Sun 180° 21.250           10/14/2012 04:50
Venus 180° 21.250       11/14/2012 22:59