Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seasonal Charts Cotton (CT)

Seasonal Observation:
  • Planting in Cotton is generally done by Mid-June ... while harvesting runs from September - December.
  • Each of the seasonal charts show Major tops in Cotton occurring in early to mid March and Major Lows culminating in early June (5/10/15 yr. seasonal charts) and mid August (20/30 yr. seasonal charts).
  • Longer term 20/30 yr. seasonal charts show that Cotton typically declines during the summer growing months June through August. Shorter term 5/10/15 charts show the summer top has shifted from June to the July period.
  • Each of the seasonal charts show Major bottoms in Cotton occurring in mid August.
  • All seasonal charts show an additional sell-off from Mid September through Late October when harvesting is in full swing.
  • Additional "rally" lows are typically set during October ... with subsequent highs set in March of the following year.
 See the current chart HERE