Tuesday, March 27, 2012

P.A. Semi: Orbital Resonance & Solar Cycles


Petr Semi Semerad shows resonance cycles between most planets in Solar System, of differing quality. The most precise resonance - between Earth and Venus, which not only stabilizes orbits of both planets, locks planet Venus rotation in tidal locking, but also affects the Sun:

This resonance group (E+V) also influences Sunspot cycles - the position of syzygy between Earth and Venus, when the barycenter of the resonance group most closely approaches the Sun and stops for some time, relative to Jupiter planet, well matches the Sunspot cycle of 11 years, not only for the last 400 years of measured Sunspot cycles, but also in 1000 years of historical record of "severe winters". 

P.A.Semi demonstrates, how cycles in angular momentum of Earth and Venus planets match with the Sunspot cycle and how the main cycle in angular momentum of the whole Solar system (934*-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn) matches with climatologic data, assumed to show connection with Solar output power and insolation. 

P.A.Semi explains the possible connections between E+V events and Solar global p-Mode frequency changes. 

He futher shows angular momentum tables and charts for individual planets, as encoded in DE405 and DE406 ephemerides. He shows, that inner planets orbit on heliocentric trajectories whereas outer planets orbit on barycentric trajectories.