Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunar Cycle vs SPX

The two major Moon Cycles (Moon in Signs = upper sine wave & Angular Distance between Moon-Sun = lower sine wave) are currently out of phase. 

Price may follow the ideal and usually stronger Moon to Sun cycle or follow the Moon in Sign cycle or even alternate between the two. But the cycles are starting to go back into phase and the Moon cycles will grow more predictable into Summer.  

Previously SPX lows formed close to the lowest intersection of the two cycles, and the intersection of March 13th was another low. It is likely the SPX keeps going higher until close to the Equinox and New Moon of March 22nd.

Moon 20 degrees to Sun High near Friday the 23rd?
Moon in Taurus Low near Saturday the 24th?
Moon in Leo High near Sunday the 1st?
Moon 200 degrees to Sun Low near Sunday the 8th?

The bottom white PPO and red RSI lines are pointing to a 13 day, 5000 minutes or 3 week cycle low late this week