Thursday, January 19, 2012

RajTimes & Cycles: Medium-term Forecast

January 4 prediction: "We should continue to rally into a triple top into 1/18-26 High, with a 1310-30 SPX target. This rally should frustrate all the Bears looking for a 1/23/12 Low as the Master Cycle is looking for a High in that time frame."

1/19: Actual: We rallied into today 1/19 with a 1313.83 SPX High.

Here is a few detailed predictions for the next few days:
1/19/12: We make a higher High, but we should close off our highs today.
1/20/12: We  make a brief 1/20 pullback Low, then rally into 1/24 High.
1/24/12: The next swing High.
1/26/12: Another High. 

There is a Fibonacci 1618 CD Cycle, first mentioned by one of my mentor James Brock, but also some on the T&C Forum, which is due on 1/18-20. There is a 1/18 Solar CIT
4.5 Yrs/1618 CD/231 wk Cycle: 10/8/98L-1616-3/12/03L-1618-8/16/07L-1618-1/20

There is a 355 TD Cycle that is due around 1/24/12 that should be a High, right at the triangle Apex.The 1/24/12 +/- Time and Cycle Cluster:

  1. The MC2 suggests a 1/18-26 High zone.
  2. The 9 squared week cycle due on 1/24
  3. The 355 TD Cycle is due on 1/24
  4. The triangle Apex CIT due around 1/24.
  5. On 1/24 Mars goes Retrograde
  6. Squares from  4/26/2010H + 21 squared TD = 441 TD = 01/24/12
  7. 38 TD cycle due on 1/23/12 should be a High area.